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Exercise: An Integral Piece of the Puzzle

October 13, 2020 What does physical activity have to do with nutrition? Eating well is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to being healthy. Exercise is also key, and when combined with a nutritious diet, it is an excellent way to… Continue Reading “Exercise: An Integral Piece of the Puzzle”

Flax Facts

October 6, 2020 Flax is a plant that produces both seeds and oil that are useful in disease prevention and the promotion of healing.  Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil both contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which converts to omega-3 fatty acids in the body.  Flax is… Continue Reading “Flax Facts”

Mindful Eating 101

September 22, 2020 If you’ve ever talked nutrition with me, you’ve probably heard me espousing the merits of “mindful eating”.  I believe that taking the time to truly appreciate and reflect upon what you are putting into your body is important and it’s an… Continue Reading “Mindful Eating 101”

The “Pre” and “Pro” of the Gut Microbiome

September 15, 2020 If you have an interest in nutrition and health, you’ve likely heard the terms “probiotics” and “prebiotics”, but do you truly know what they are and how they affect your gut health?  In a nutshell, probiotics are the good bacteria our… Continue Reading “The “Pre” and “Pro” of the Gut Microbiome”

Eat the Rainbow

September 8, 2020 You’ve likely heard the advice, “eat the rainbow” when it comes to making healthy food choices.  What does this really mean though, and why should we do it?  Eating 5 or more servings of colorful fruits and vegetables every day is… Continue Reading “Eat the Rainbow”

Eat to Compete: An Athlete’s Guide to Performance Nutrition

September 1, 2020 With the start of school upon us, many high school and college athletes are returning to their respective sports and gearing up for competition (so long as COVID-19 doesn’t shut things down!). While much time is spent in training for sports,… Continue Reading “Eat to Compete: An Athlete’s Guide to Performance Nutrition”

Pumpkin Time!

August 25, 2020 Pumpkin this and pumpkin that!  ‘Tis the season for all the stores and restaurants to start pushing their favorite pumpkin products.  And why not? Pumpkin is not only tasty, but also full of healthy benefits! Benefits of pumpkin: Chock full of… Continue Reading “Pumpkin Time!”

The Whole Scoop on Whole Grains

August 18, 2020 Does it feel like you constantly hear people telling you to eat whole grains but you’re not exactly sure what that means or why and how you should do it? Many people equate whole grains with fiber, and while it’s true… Continue Reading “The Whole Scoop on Whole Grains”

Eat to Beat Inflammation

August 4, 2020 First off let’s talk about inflammation. Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it is the body’s normal and protective response to infection or injury. Think about when you twist your ankle while you’re out running and it swells and… Continue Reading “Eat to Beat Inflammation”

Healthy Aging

July 21, 2020 As we age, our bodies crave certain nutrients that we may not have needed as much at younger ages. In our 30s, we should eat protein; it builds up muscle and bone mass, something we begin to lose after we hit… Continue Reading “Healthy Aging”