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Time To Berry Pick!

July 14, 2020 It’s that time of year – blueberry and raspberry patches are in full bloom! Whether you head to a local orchard to pick your own or you scoop some up at the store, berries are chock full of health benefits, so… Continue Reading “Time To Berry Pick!”

International Chocolate Day

July 7, 2020 Since July 7 marks International Chocolate Day, it only seems fitting to discuss the many health benefits of that delicious treat today! If you’re a chocolate-lover like I am, you’ll delight in knowing that not only does chocolate taste good, but… Continue Reading “International Chocolate Day”

The Nutrition and Sleep Connection

June 30, 2020 Quality sleep is crucial for good health.  Without it, biochemical reactions in the brain are altered and we cannot properly process information, make decisions, or act in the same way we would if we had a full night’s sleep. Sleeplessness can… Continue Reading “The Nutrition and Sleep Connection”

Water vs Sports Drinks

June 23, 2020 Ever wondered if you actually need a Gatorade after a tough workout? The answer depends on how long and how hard you have been exercising.  For those people who do normal, daily physical activity, plain water is typically just as effective… Continue Reading “Water vs Sports Drinks”

Get Your Quinoa On!

June 16, 2020 Looking for a light and healthy dinner that’s chock full of protein, healthy carbs, vitamins and minerals? Look no further than one of my favorites – a quinoa and veggie bowl! While not technically a grain, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is prepared… Continue Reading “Get Your Quinoa On!”

Why Do I Crave Certain Foods?

June 9, 2020 Do you ever find yourself craving something sweet or salty?  Or maybe you’ve found yourself hankering for a nice piece of steak or some grease-laden French fries. Rest assured, you’re not alone in these cravings.  This could be your body’s way… Continue Reading “Why Do I Crave Certain Foods?”

The Skinny on Energy Bars

June 2, 2020 Whether you’re an athlete looking for a shot of energy before a race, a busy mom trying to find a quick snack while juggling work and kids, or a high school student looking for an easy breakfast as you rush out… Continue Reading “The Skinny on Energy Bars”

Berry Delicious!

May 26, 2020 Looking for a quick, delicious, and vitamin packed lunch? Why not try a berry-filled smoothie? No tricky measurements necessary…just use a blender or food processor to whip up this quick treat. Throw some frozen mixed berries (about a cup) together with… Continue Reading “Berry Delicious!”

Help….I’m Stressed! What Should I Eat?

MAY 19, 2020 Does the current Coronavirus pandemic have you feeling anxious and unsettled? Have you ever stared at your computer screen for hours and felt so much stress that your shoulders and neck seethe with pain? Or have you tried to close your… Continue Reading “Help….I’m Stressed! What Should I Eat?”

Eating Healthy on a Budget

May 12, 2020 People often think that in order to eat healthy food, they have to spend a lot of money.  Especially during this time when job uncertainty is high and trips to the grocery store are few and far between, following a few… Continue Reading “Eating Healthy on a Budget”