October 3, 2022

Balance. What is it? How do we achieve it? Why is it important? So many people seek that elusive condition when different elements of life are all equal and in correct proportion. Balance, they say, is what they are searching for. The thing is, life will always be throwing ups and downs at each and every one of us, and it is how we deal with those that creates our balance.

It is much the same with food. I hear from so many people that they “shouldn’t eat this or that” or that they “were bad” and ate something they really wanted but felt they shouldn’t have. We need to break free of thinking like this about food. We need to find balance when it comes to eating. Enjoying healthy, nourishing foods and exercise, but also enjoying treats that you love without guilt or shame surrounding them.

I often talk about how depriving yourself of something only makes you want it more. Perhaps you want a cinnamon roll or a piece of cake, but you feel like you “shouldn’t” have it, for whatever reason. Suddenly, that’s all you can think about and you want it so much more because you are feeling deprived of it. We have a way of throwing things out of balance when it comes to eating.

My challenge to those of you who read this and feel it resonates, is to take today and allow yourself the things you want in reasonable amounts. See how this makes you feel and think. Try not to let the nagging thoughts of “I shouldn’t” or “this is bad” creep in. Enjoy what you want without overdoing it and see how your body and mind feel. Try to take this step towards finding balance with food. And if you’re looking for help with this journey, know that there are always people, like me, here to help!

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